Sandwich Bay Estate
Sandwich Bay Estate

Admission Charges





Sandwich Bay is a private Estate and all entry to the Bay is subject to the Terms and Conditions which are available at the Toll House or on




The Bay MAY refuse entry to or eject any person or vehicle whatsoever.


The Bay will be closed to non-residents on Thursday 24th November 2022 and on such other closure days as advertised.


2022 SEASON TICKET PASSES (1st April 2022 to 31st March 2023). Application forms are available from the Toll House, Guilford Road, Sandwich Bay, Kent CT13 9PF or can be downloaded from 

Cheques are payable to Sandwich Bay (Residents) Limited. 


SEASON TICKET RATES (Apr 2022 - Mar 2023)

Cars or Vans                                 £90.00

Campervans and Caravans        £120.00

Horseboxes                                 £120.00

All Other Vehicles                             POA


DAILY TICKET RATES (From 01 Apr 2022)

SBBOT Visitors (Members FOC)     £1.00

Electric Scooters **                          £2.00                   

Cars or Vans                                    £8.00

Campervans and Caravans           £12.00

Horseboxes                                    £12.00

Cars (to and from Deal Only)           £5.00

Motorbikes                                       £5.00

All Other Vehicles                              POA 


Trespass Penalty Notice               £100.00


** Only electric scooters which are insured and legal on the public highway are allowed on the estate.


Charges apply 24/7 and must be paid either direct to the tollhouse or online via within 48 hours otherwise a penalty charge may be issued.


Let us know within 48 hours if you have entered accidentally to avoid the risk of being issued with a Trespass Penalty Notice - either call the tollhouse or send an email to


No reductions for Blue Badge Holders.


No overnight parking or camping.


Residential Areas and Beach closed 30 minutes after sunset to 30 minutes before sunrise.Fishing is permitted at night for season ticket holders or if a valid day ticket has been purchased. Please drive as quietly as possible through the estate - especially the residential areas at night.


We reserve the right to seek payment plus costs of any unpaid Trespass Penalty Notices issued in the Small Claims Court.


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